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DMIL Discussion List

The Military Libraries Division (DMIL) Discussion, SLA-DMIL, is one of the oldest e-mail discussion lists of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).  The list began in 1994, when MLD asked the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) to sponsor a discussion list, MLD-L.  The purpose of the original list was to distribute the MLD quarterly bulletin and to provide a vehicle for timely information exchange.  In 1999, the MLD Executive Board requested that MLD-L focus on MLD business and activities.  MLD-L became a moderated list open to MLD members only. In 2009, the MLD board voted to open the list to any SLA member requesting to join the discussion list.

Follow the instructions below to subscribe to the Military Libraries Discussion List (SLA-DMIL):

Send a message to:
Leave the subject line blank.

In the body of the message type: Subscribe SLA-DMIL first_name last_name

For example: in the body of the message type: Subscribe SLA-DMIL Joan Smith

DMIL always welcomes new members.

The Division List Owner, responsible for maintaining the list, is Eugene Bruce.