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Building on the SLA & Financial Times Research Report (Download Today!)


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The Evolving Value of Information Management is now available, and features commentary from both information professionals (providers) and senior executives who rely on information services (users). The research, conducted by Financial Times in conjunction with SLA, has found clear evidence that executives are more ready than ever to engage with their information functions. However, there is much to improve upon before this engagement becomes commonplace in a wide variety of organizations.

The report is a launching pad for information professionals in all sectors to think critically about opportunities to enhance their services, as well as elevate their individual value as professionals and leaders.

The output of a study stemming from several in-depth interviews with leading information professionals & senior executives, over 1,000 high-quality survey responses from information providers & users, and multiple panel discussions, the report also uncovers five common attributes of the successful information professional in the modern era.

These Five Essential Attributes of the Modern Information Professional touch on key characteristics that modern information professionals exhibit in their day-to-day work to contribute directly to organizational success.

Over the next month and throughout 2014 we will be examining each of the five attributes as well as other components of the report, specifically looking to build on the effort with examples from our members about how they overcame some of these challenges to achieve organization-wide impact. By sharing your own examples, you take stock of attributes you can continue and build upon, as well as have an impact on your peers and the profession.

The research found the following 5 attributes to be essential to the modern information professional:

• #1 – Communicate your value

• #2 – Understand the drivers

• #3 – Manage the process

• #4 – Keep up on technical skills

• #5 – Provide decision-ready information

Stay tuned for our upcoming attribute spotlight series in which we’ll seek examples from our audience, and be sure to download the report if you’ve yet to do so.

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