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2016 IFLA [International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions] Preconference Blog

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IFLA Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section (PARL), Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section (DOCDEL) and Preservation and Conservation Section (P&C) held a two-day IFLA 2016 Pre-conference this week at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.  I’d like to share with you this wonderful blog 2016 IFLA Preconferences at the Library Of Congress for the latest reports from the insiders at the Pre-conference.

Julia Leggett

International Relations Committee Chair

Washington DC Chapter, SLA

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TechRepublic: Myth busted: Older workers are just as tech-savvy as younger ones, says new survey

Tech employees over age 55 are actually less stressed using technology in the workplace, and better at using multiple devices than their younger peers. By Alison DeNisco

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     The 3 big takeaways:

  1. Despite common stereotypes about older people and technology, a new survey found that IT workers over age 55 are actually less stressed using technology in the workplace than their younger peers, and they are better at using multiple devices at work.
  2. The tech industry skews young in age, due to stereotypes that older people are not creative, cannot learn new things, or are too costly to hire.
  3. Older adults looking for a new job in tech should make sure that they specifically state their tech skills in their application. Companies hiring new workers should be aware of age discrimination and try to evaluate all candidates objectively in order to get a diverse workforce.


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Overcoming the Skills Gap — Slides from SLA2016

Tue. June 14| 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM | Convention Center, Room 204-B

This session will address some ways that we as information professionals continually need to refresh our skills and learn new ones to position ourselves in the marketplace and the changing technological environment. Topics will include a discussion on how we train for new challenges rather than addressing specific skillsets and a discussion of competencies for librarians. Although envisioned as a session for seasoned librarians, those entering the profession will be faced with this challenge in due course. All are welcome. This session presented by DMIL, DTAX, and DGI, will focus on addressing this ongoing challenge.

Presented by: Military Libraries Division, Government Information Division, Taxonomy Division

Session Type: Educational Programs

Session Sponsor

EBSCO Information Services


Lillian Gassie
Assistant Director, Knowledge Services Group, Congressional Research Service
Meg Tulloch
FEDLINK Executive Director, Library of Congress
Brian McCann
Black & Veatch


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