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Exceeding our Patrons’ Expectations: The Engagement-Centered Library – Registration. Register by September 28, 2016.

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Register to join us for a rewarding day of learning at the San Diego Chapter of the Special Libraries Association’s annual professional development seminar.

Friday, September 30, 2016 at 1936 Quivira Way, Marina Village Conference Center,  San Diego, California

This year’s Seminar will focus on how librarians coordinate the libraries’ user experience and engagement efforts, for both the online and physical library environments.  This full day of presentations and discussions will  share knowledge and insights about the tools, methods, and skills that help us learn more about ways to contribute to best practices in library user engagement.

Create extraordinary experiences.   Inspire curiosity.  Promote collaboration.  Transform learning and research.


Innovative practices.  User-focused strategies.   Strategic partnerships.


Cultivate personal, academic and organizational success.

Register by September 28, 2016:

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks!  Please email with any dietary restrictions or preferences, including vegetarian and gluten-free.

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“What Does It Mean to be a DAM [Digital Asset Management] Champ?” Laura Fu

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I often have people ask what I do. Other librarians seem especially interested in digital asset management (DAM) and how they could transition into a DAM role. The term “DAM Champ” is used often and describes someone at a company or office who has the potential to lead that company or office to the next level. It often is a librarian or information professional.

I had so many questions on what a DAM Champ was and how to become one, that I wrote a short blog  about it. Please let me know if anyone has questions or would like to chat further about DAM librarianship!

Laura Fu
Digital Asset Manager

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Check out the new edition of the SLA IT Division Bulletin!

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The most recent issue of the Bulletin  is out.  There are some great interviews in this issue with new section leads and a Digital Asset Management professional  In addition, an article that would be of interest to all SLA members is written by Clara Asuncion, a student at San Jose State University School of Information.  The article  focuses on Pokemon Go and provides a brief description of what this phenomenon is about.

Sophia Guevara

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