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MLTW 2017 Preliminary Schedule as of October 17, 2019

MLTW 2017 Preliminary Schedule 171019


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DMIL Member Interview with Eleanor Mullens

DMIL Member Interview with Eleanor Mullens

1. How did you get involved in military librarianship?

I am an Army veteran who discovered librarianship a few years after getting out, thanks to a book on display at my post library. When I learned about how many different settings librarians and information professionals work in the military, I was hooked.

2. How did you get involved in DMIL?

Soon after starting my masters program, I started looking for divisions and sections within the different library associations that supported military librarians. I’m rather partial to SLA because of the variety of folks it brings together, so when I came across DMIL it seemed like a good fit. I learned about the Military Librarians’ Training Workshop (MLTW), which was being held within driving distance at a time of year that did not conflict with my studies. DMIL folks were so friendly, inviting and encouraging, that I knew I’d found my “library home.”

3. What has been your best experience working for the military?

I’m still in grad school, so I’ll have to say it was when I was in the Army- preparing and deploying to Iraq. It wasn’t fun, but it was a wonderful growth experience. I came home much stronger, physically and mentally, and much better equipped to work as part of a team under challenging conditions.

4. What has been your best experience being involved in DMIL?

I have enjoyed attending SLA as a member of DMIL. But my best experience so far was attending my first MLTW. As a librarian-in-training, it was great to be able to just sit and listen to what was being discussed. For as much research as I had done beforehand, I was still amazed at how many different places and settings military librarians worked in.

5. What positions in DMIL have you held?


6. If someone were to visit your library or your town, what would you be sure to show them or recommend that they see?

I live in Chapel Hill, right near the campus of UNC. Within 1-2 miles there is a botanical garden, a planetarium and all sorts of trails, to say nothing of dining and entertainment venues. But the one thing I would recommend to late summer visitors would be to catch a showing of the Paperhand Puppet Intervention in the Forest Theater on the UNC campus. It’s a spectacle of giant puppets set in a small stone amphitheater tucked away in a park on the UNC campus. It really is remarkable.

7. Please recommend one LIS-specific book or article that you read recently that you found particularly good. What makes it worthwhile?

I read an article from a recent issue of KM World, written by Judith Lamont, titled “Text analytics: not just for customer sentiment.” It discussed the predictive use of text analytics in scientific, medical and technology development settings as well as process automation and case management. The segment on a group in the FDA that used text analytics to solve current outbreaks of foodborne illness then used that solution to create predictive models of future outbreaks was very interesting. Learning that text analytics was being used in the legal industry to automate contract management was fascinating.

8. If you were to recommend one book, just for fun, what would it be?

At my house, we’ve been reading “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” recently. It really is neat to learn about all the amazing things the women profiled in the book have done. My favorite story so far is about a highly decorated British spy from WWII named Nancy Wake.

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DMIL Election Candidates. Election will be at the end of October 2017.

Attention DMIL Members,

Our annual election is coming up and I wanted to present our candidates for this year. As you can see we are without a nominee for our Director-MLTW Planner 2019. If you or someone you know might be interested in this position please contact me. Please note that each nominee’s bio can be found below. Election will be at the end of October 2017. ​

Chair-Elect 2018-2020 – Travis Ferrell

Secretary 2018-19 – Heather O’Daniel

Director-Conference Planner 2019 Deb Knox

Director-MLTW Planner 2019 – (no nominee)

Director at Large 2018-19 Pat Alderman

Travis Ferrell (Chair-Elect 2018-2020)
Travis Ferrell entered military librarianship via the Army Library Program Internship at the Fort Monroe Library. Afterward, he was a Supervisory Librarian at the Academic Services Department of the Bruce C. Clarke Library in Fort Leonard Wood, MO for over four years. Travis is currently a Research Librarian at the U.S. Army War College Library. This December will be mark his third anniversary there.

He has been a member of SLA and DMIL since January 2010 and been very active in the latter. Since May 2014, he has served as the Student Liaison Coordinator. During his tenure, DMIL has built relationships with SLA Student Groups and recently with the SLA Students and New Professionals Advisory Council. Travis has assisted with the DMIL website and Facebook page. He is responsible for finding volunteers for the DMIL Member Interviews and volunteers for DMIL as needed. Currently, he is the Chair for the Military Libraries Training Workshop (MLTW) 2017.

He is happily married in Carlisle, PA and has a dog named Rocky. Rocky takes him for daily walks and sometimes allows him time to read.

Heather O’Daniel (Secretary 2018-19)
Heather O’Daniel is currently the Library Manager Lead at the Phillips Research Site Library, AFRL, Kirtland AFB and President-Elect of the Rio Grande Chapter (for the 2nd time). She obtained her library degree from the University of Illinois, and has been an SLA member since 1992. She has previously worked in public, academic, and corporate libraries. She was at the Intel Corporation Library for 14 years, the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute for 6 years, and in her current position as a government contractor for 5 years. She volunteers her time as a member of the University of New Mexico’s Animal Care and Use Committee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and a local adult literacy program.

Deb Knox (Director-Conference Planner 2019)  
Deb Knox is the Director of Federal Sales for Cox Subscriptions, Inc. a small business serving the library industry since 1974. Deb is currently responsible for all facets of government sales and contract administration and also coordinates support services for federal libraries worldwide for her company. Prior to joining WT Cox twenty years ago, she worked for a private sector Department of Defense contractor as part of team responsible for federal government service proposals. Has served on various boards in SLA including the Government Information Division, and the MLW Board and is a strong supporter of military librarians and by now a familiar face. I served as SLA Planner for 2017 and am committed to excellence when representing the Division. Deb is a member of MLW and has been a strong supporter of our mission over the years. She resides in coastal North Carolina.

Pat Alderman (Director at Large 2018-19)
Pat Alderman was a military librarian for over 30 years. She served at post libraries in Virginia and California, at the Community Family Support Center in Alexandria , and spent the last 15 years at the National Defense University where she was a systems librarian and Chief of the Information Architecture Division. Since retiring she has volunteered as a Lead Librarian at the USS Midway Museum Library. She has been a member of the Military Libraries Division since 1981. She has previously served as Chair (2004) and Conference Planner for the 2009 Centennial Conference in Washington, DC. She was also co-chair for the Virtual Worlds Advisory Council in 2012.


Rebecca Kammerer
DMIL Chair

Chief, Aviation Technical Library & Aviation Learning Center USAACE G3
Fort Rucker, AL 36362
DSN 558-3912

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