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Military Libraries Division Seeking Nominations for Candidates. Suspense: 11:59 pm, EST, August 18th, 2017.

The Military Libraries Division is seeking nominations for candidates to fill the following elected Board positions:

  • Chair-Elect 2018-2020 (to be chair in 2019)
  • Secretary 2018-19
  • Director-Conference Planner Summer 2019 (location TBD)
  • Director-MLTW Planner 2019 (location TBD)
  • Director at Large 2018-19 Self-nominations are also welcome.

Please send nominations to Rebecca Kammerer at

Suspense is 11:59 pm EST, August 18th, 2017.

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An Area of Concern for All – Child Abuse in Military Communities

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Colleagues,   Please read this article from Stateline, the Pew Research Center with an open mind.   Not something we can sweep “under the carpet.”

Those who work in Post or Base Libraries come into contact with children of military families on a more regular basis and should develop a sense of awareness….and know what to do when something happens.

Sharon Lenius


Why Child Abuse in Military Families May Be Going Unreported

Should local child protective agencies be required to report suspected child abuse and neglect in military families to military officials?

Full story  

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SLA Pooled Resources Initiative

SLA members have skills and expertise in a variety of areas, and traditionally you have shared them liberally–in conference sessions, unit Webinars, Information Outlook articles, and so on. Now you can maximize your impact by contributing to a pool of educational content that will benefit current and future SLA members.

The SLA Pooled Resources Initiative (PRI), which was announced on December 4 in an e-mail message to all SLA members, is soliciting proposals for creating and delivering educational content. Since that e-mail was sent, several members have asked questions about the request for proposals. This message will attempt to address some of the issues that have been raised.

  • Can I charge a fee for my work? The RFP stipulates that proposers should indicate their fee (if any) for creating and delivering the content and any updates. Proposers are invited to consider other means of payment, such as exchanging content for recognition or visibility (as negotiated). Business partners may wish to sponsor the development of content by underwriting developers’ fees or by delivering content directly.
  • Must the proposed content be new? No, we are soliciting both new content as well as existing content from units whose members may already have created successful programs. Such content deserves wider distribution to all SLA members.
  • Developing a quality Webinar, conference session, or course program requires extensive expertise. Why should I give away information and skills that have taken me years to acquire and perfect? All too often, good educational content is delivered once to a limited audience, then lost after delivery only to be re-invented by others later. With the PRI, we are attempting to harness the talent and creativity of members into a more organized process that will allow the content to become part of an educational pool for re-use. This will maximize the return on investment for everyone who contributes and reduce the inefficiency inherent in multiple units developing the same program.

Bottom line: It’s all about value for you and your fellow SLA members. Leveraging the collective expertise and innovation of SLA members will result in a growing pool of quality content for every SLA member to access over time. Think about it: Don’t you have a session or Webinar in you–one that could benefit SLA members and look good on your résumé as well?

Proposals and additional questions about the Pooled Resources Initiative should be submitted to SLA Board Member Juliane Schneider at


Tom Rink
2016 SLA President

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