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Military Librarians Checklist

Military Librarians Checklist

Gloria Miller, U.S. Army Materiel Command

In 2015, MLTW attendees helped create the initial draft of the Military Librarian’s Checklist, which contains DOD and Service-specific references to help new and transferred DOD Librarians better understand the military library environment.

Ms. Miller was not able, due to circumstances outside her control, to attend MLTW 2017 and debut the checklist. We are, however, more than happy to share it on the DMIL website. Thank you Gloria for all your hard work. We greatly appreciate it.

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#MLTW2017 — Library Leadership Panel – Moderated by Gail Nicula, Old Dominion University

Library Leadership Panel – Moderated by Gail Nicula, Old Dominion University







  • Question – Get new employees information about the military?
    • Ask during job interviews
    • Marine Corps acculturation class
    • mentoring
    • rank structure and traditions
    • cheat sheet for correct response to ranks
    • DoD Dictionary of Military Terms
  • Question: Where does library fit into your organization?  Ed Burgess (Retired from CARL – Army)
    • Under Chief of Staff of the college and then under academic dean.
    • IT extremely important.  Build a strong relationship.
    • Cookies help. Food works.
    • Leadership cares about results, not the process.  Feedback from users important
    • Need contact with the upper echelons.
    • Need to inform staff of your vision.
    • No library jargon.
  •  Question: How easy or difficult to advance in the field?  Amy
    • Easiest in early career.  When you have a chance, move.
    • Keep a broad range of skills and experience.
    • Try not to be limited geographically.
  • Question: Traits for promotion or hire?
    • It depends.
    • Technician — people skills most important – customer service skills, interest in the job
    • Librarian  —  a combination of library skills and people skills.
    • Match the person to the job.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • Expect systems librarians to do reference but not the reverse.
  • Amy & Carol: How do you handle poor performance?
    • Amy –
      1. Good relationships with HR.  Ask HR.
      2. Make the employee an asset to the library.
      3. Get the employee to take ownership of poor performance.  What do tehy think they need to do.
      4. Document everything. put the employee on notice.
    • Carol –
      1. performance and conduct must be dealt with separately.
      2. Help the employee improve.
      3. Must document everything.  Need regulation or written guidance from the organization.
      4. Firing employees –
        • must have support from first line supervisor.
        • document everything.
        • need to know and follow timelines and procedures.
        • Document what happened – facts, not opinions.
        • Attendance problems — keep a calendar.
        • can be Time consuming.
        • Always unpleasant to fire someone.
    • Question: Differing opinion between you and supervisor
      • Keep statistics —  hours open
      • IT — set up a liaison relationship. Take the anxiety of the relationship.
      • Information  provided to senior leadership:  factual, bullet points, proper paperwork
      • Pick your battles.
      • Document the positive.
    • Switching services
      • Learn the culture.
      • Learn the language.
      • Interservice protocols.
    • Contract Employee –
      • No contractors in government academic libraries.
      • Easy to move from contractor to civil service.

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MLTW 2017: Service Reports

More Service Reports will be posted as they become available:

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