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Military Libraries Division (DMIL) : Your Site in 2015

Military Libraries Division (DMIL) : Your Site in 2015

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2015 Year in Blogging on DMIL.

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Thank you from 2015 DMIL Chair  Lily McGovern

Thank you from 2015 DMIL Chair Lily McGovern

Congratulations to the 2016 Executive Board of the Military Libraries Division (DMIL) of SLA!
Our Executive Board for 2016 will be as follows:Lily McGovern
◦Chair: Phillip Elam
◦Chair-Elect: Rebecca Kammerer
◦Past Chair: Lily McGovern
◦Treasurer: Annette Sheppard
◦Secretary: Eleanor Mullens
◦Director Planning – SLA 2016: Tammy Kirk
◦Director Planning – SLA 2017: Deb Knox
◦Director at Large: Gail Nicula
◦Director at Large: Gloria Miller
Special Congratulations to those Executive Board Members who were elected at the Military Libraries TRAINING Workshop 2015:
◦Chair-Elect: Rebecca Kammerer
◦Secretary: Eleanor Mullens
◦Director at Large: Gloria Miller

A special thank you to outgoing Michael Moore Past,Past Chair, Sharon Lenius – Secretary, PJ Neal – Director Planning – SLA 2015, Eileen Schnur – Director – Navy.Marine Corps, and Connie Wiley – Director – Army for their contributions to DMIL.

I also want to thank some folks who have done a lot of work behind the scenes to make all that DMIL does throughout the year a success. Thank you to Amy Tursky, Lead Planner for MLTW 2015 Planning Committee with Members – Travis Ferrell, Gail Nicula, Sharon Lenius, Gloria Miller, Michael Moore, Pat Alderman, Kari Anderson and Wendy Hill. They created and executed  the excellent programming and Sponsor Info/Expo at MLTW 2015.Special thank you to  Ericka Loze-Hudson, MLTW Registrar, who continues to give us her energy and sage advice as a committee member.  Student Liaison, Travis Ferrell has done an outstanding job of keeping the Student Membership of SLA aware of DMIL. And where would we be without Webmaster Bill Drew? Thank you all for a great job in 2015.

Finally, I want to thank Michael Moore for his extraordinary service to DMIL. As Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair, and Past-Past Chair, Michael has been responsible for our Strategic Plan, spearheading the re-do of our Governing Documents, and serving as the Nominations Committee Lead, organizing the election of 2016 Executive Board. Michael  has gone above and beyond in helping me and the rest of the Board execute our duties. He is an amazing resource and we are thrilled that Michael will stay as an active member of the DMIL Advisory Board. Michael, a heartfelt thank you for a job well done and special congratulations as the 2015 DMIL Distinguished Service Award recipient.I wish all of our members the best as we move forward to the new year. A happy and safe holiday season to all!


Lily McGovern

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Report of the DMIL Web Chair – 2015

The website and blog is being used as can be seen from the following statistics 6 Dec 2014 to 5 Dec 2015:

Top Referers to DMIL ( where people find us):
Search Engines: 8,777 view
Facebook: 192 views (4 months since set up properly)
Twitter: 213 views (4 months since set up properly)
Most popular posts/pages: Number of Views-
Home page10,635
Military Libraries Training Workshop (MLTW) 2015 — Dec 69, 2015, Arlington, VA3,323
2012 Demographics Report: Profile of the Military Community840
MLTW 2015 – Arlington, Va. Dec 69, 2015670
MLTW 2015 Registration now open310
About Us297
DMIL Board237
MLTW Hotel Information234
Unpaid Digital Curation Internship Opportunity at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration212
Residency position open at Towson. Preference given to applications received by March 22, 2015.210
MLTW 2015 Theme Military Libraries-A Capital Idea205
2015 Summer HELP Institute Application Now Available Scholarship Application. Deadline approaching for scholarship Feb.15th, 2015181

Months and Years


As can be seen from the statistics above, use of the site continues to grow.
Observations and Suggestions:
  • Bringing in posts from outside sources has enhanced use and appears to be meeting a need.
  • The board needs to provide more direction and also more contnent for the site and the blog.
  • Quite often, I am the first point of contact for questions via the contact form on the site.
  • Many present and past board members have provided some content from time to time. Others promised but never followed through.
  • Facebook and Twitter appear to be a good place to reach out to current and potential members.
  • Again, direction and policy is need from the executive board on the use of social media for official business and posts.
The Future:
SLA tech advisory board, of which I am a member, is working on a new theme for SLA division and chapter sites.  Timelines for completion keep getting pushed into the future because of the current situation in the national office.
Enjoy the workshop. Wish I could join you.  If you have any questions send them to my address.

Bill Drew

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