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REMINDER! Meet the Candidates for Cabinet-Elect!

Hello all,

Don’t forget, August 6 at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific time, we will have an hour-long webinar in order to meet the 2015 candidates for SLA Division Cabinet-Elect and Chapter Cabinet-Elect:

For Division Cabinet-Elect:

  • Ruth Kneale
  • Valerie Perry

For Chapter Cabinet-Elect:

  • David Cappoli
  • Kim Silk

Sign up here: and mark your calendars! And of course, please distribute to your members.


Kama Siegel

2014 Chapter Cabinet Chair

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SLA2014 Vancouver, BC – Schedule of events for Military Libraries Division.

You can find the schedule of events of interest to Military Libraries Division at the link below:

Programs and Events @SLA2014 for Military Libraries Division


ALL SLA 2014 attendees are invited to attend the Programs and Events planned for you in Vancouver by the Military Libraries Division (DMIL). We especially invite Library School Students and recent grads seeking jobs. We remember the days of tight budgets; the Networking Breakfasts on Monday and Tuesday and the Tuesday evening Open House will help with eats and treats during SLA 2014.*** We hope you will attend and enjoy meeting Division Members at the FREE Networking Breakfasts on Monday and Tuesday as well as a very enjoyable International Open House on Tuesday, Jun 10 from 6-9 p.m. as the Conference winds down.


Sunday, Jun 8

**** How NOT to Run a Meeting; Facilitation Skills 101 for Librarians

Why Facilitation Matters: A Comedy of (Meeting) Errors. Remember the best (and worst) meetings you’ve ever attended? This humorous set of interactive skits will show you why some meetings and events are truly awful, and why the best ones are often the ones that are most skilfully (and sometimes very subtly) facilitated. Introduces and uses Group Works: A Pattern Language (and 91-card deck) for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings. Includes a brief introduction to the topic of facilitation and how you can learn to improve your facilitation skills, both as a leader and as a participant in group events. Program Take-Aways; - Participants will learn about the basics of meeting facilitation.  - Participants will improve their facilitation skills as a leader or as a participant.  Moderator Sharon Lenius  – Retired, National Guard, DMIL Program Planning   Speaking: Dave Pollard Author and Entrepreneur, “After Us the Dragons”   Sunday June 8, 2014 3:30pm – 5:00pm Convention Centre West, Room 109 Presented By Military Libraries DivisionPetroleum & Energy Resources Division Sponsored By IEEE, Springer

Monday, Jun 9

***Military Libraries Division Networking Breakfast

The Military Libraries Division invites ALL interested attendees to join us for a breakfast buffet paired with good conversation and excellent company. Meet Division members and learn about the various services provided to the military by our librarians.  Monday June 9, 2014 7:30am – 9:00am  Convention Centre West, Room 204 Presented By Military Libraries Division Sponsored By IEEE

Tuesday, Jun 10

***Military Libraries Division Networking Breakfast

The Military Libraries Division invites ALL interested attendees to join us for a breakfast buffet paired withgood conversation and excellent company. MeetDivision members and learn about the various services provided to the military by our librarians. Tuesday June 10, 2014 7:30am – 9:00am Convention Centre West, Room 207 Presented By Military Libraries Division Sponsored by ProQuest

 ***Military Libraries Division International OPEN HOUSE

Join the Military Libraries Division (DMIL) for an evening of food and fun! Take the opportunity to unwind, meet Division members and work on our customary puzzle. Tuesday June 10, 2014 6:00pm – 9:00pm  Renaissance, Salon E Presented By Military Libraries Division With support to the Division  from WT Cox Information Services

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SLA 2014 via Social Media!

Whether or not you can attend the conference in Vancouver, get your social media groove on! The Online Content Advisory Council members have been hard at work creating and updating social media outlets to get ready for the annual conference. OCAC members will be updating these accounts from the conference to give everyone near or far an enhanced and interactive experience!

Go! Try it now! See what the OCAC has been up to.

Best regards,

Tracy Maleef, Chair, 2015 SLA Online Content Advisory Council

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Welcome PJ Neal, Director-Conference Planner 2015!

I’m pleased to announce that the DMIL Executive Board has elected PJ Neal  to fill the position of Director-Conference Planner 2015.  Please welcome PJ to the Board and give him any assistance you can.

Thanks to Betty Edwards for her work in that post.   We wish her the best and hope she will return to activities with the Division in the future.

Lily McGovern
Chair, Military Libraries Division

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Read the March-April Issue of Information Outlook

Ensuring user access. Incorporating e-books. Improving user experience. Managing copyright and fair use. These are but a few of the challenges facing today’s librarians and information professionals. But one challenge seems to rise above all of the others: proving value.

The March-April issue of Information Outlook magazine addresses two aspects of this challenge—correlating research productivity and learning outcomes with library and information center usage. In “Studying Your Users to Improve Services,” Jenny Taylor, a librarian at the University of Illinois, describes the results of a project she led that studied how employees at Dow Chemical conduct research. Megan Oakleaf, an associate professor in the iSchool at Syracuse University, discusses the skills librarians need to identify and leverage associations between library usage and improved academic outcomes in her article, “Correlating Library Services, Expertise, and Resources with Student Learning.”

Both authors have valuable and somewhat unexpected lessons to share. Taylor, for example, devotes several paragraphs to explaining how researchers like to be trained to use search tools, while Oakleaf cautions that librarians do more harm than good by trying to prove that library instruction causes students to earn higher grades.

In her “Info Business” column, Debbie Schachter picks up where Taylor and Oakleaf leave off by borrowing from academic models to show how learning can be measured in corporate training environments. Identifying the expected outcomes of such training and surveying students before and after the training takes place are, she writes, essential first steps in measuring value.

These articles, the SLA member interview with Barbara Burton, a new column by SLA Fellows and Rising Stars, and more are available in the March-April issue. Read it now!

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