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DMIL Member Interview with Charlotte Bonham

DMIL Member Interview with Charlotte Bonham

1. How did you get involved in military librarianship?

I initially thought I would be a high school librarian, and had we stayed in Virginia, I probably would be doing that now. However, we moved back home to Colorado (I am a native) and the high school librarians were also the IT people.  I really didn’t want to be an IT person, so started applying for various jobs around the city of Colorado Springs.

My first job in town was as a substitute librarian for Regis library. Then I was offered the job of catalog/reference librarian at Peterson Air Force Base.  Since this was a full time job, I accepted.  The day I started working at Peterson, I received a call from Dr. Ed Scott, asking me to be a reference librarian at the Air Force Academy.  I turned him down because I felt I owed it to Peterson to stay there more than one day. As time went on, the budget at Peterson was cut, and I worked 30 hours or less per week.  When a cataloging position came open at the Academy, I applied and was hired.  I had been a cataloger while in Virginia, so was happy to continue in that line of work.

2. How did you get involved in DMIL?

While at Peterson, I went to 2 of the DMIL conferences. I really wasn’t very active in DMIL, but hope to change that as I learn more about what there is to do.

3. What has been your best experience working for the military?

Meeting people and learning about all the different experiences that people have had. My husband spent almost 24 years in the Army, so learning the Air Force way of life has been different.

4. If someone were to visit your library or your town, what would you be sure to show them or recommend that they see?

Our library is undergoing a change, but it is still beautiful. We have an amazing Special Collections Department that should be looked into if you come to the Academy.  The signature item that many people remember is a free standing, marble circular staircase that extends for three stories.

5. Please recommend one LIS-specific book or article that you read recently that you found particularly good. What makes it worthwhile?

I won the book, Knowledge Services : A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organization by Guy St. Clair from a vendor at the SLA convention.  I started reading it, but then had to have it cataloged into our collection.  I will check it out and continue to read it.  I like to read newer books and articles in order to stay abreast of what is happening out there.  Unfortunately, time to read work related items seems to disappear rapidly.

6. If you were to recommend one book, just for fun, what would it be?

I just finished Vicious Circle : A Joe Pickett Novel by C. J. Box.  I like his books, as they are about the west – mostly Wyoming.  He has a way of fleshing out his characters that I find appealing.

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MLTW 2017 Preliminary Schedule as of 15 June

MLTW 2017 Preliminary Schedule 15 June

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SLA 2017 Project – Books for Kids!

SLA 2017 Project – Books for Kids!

Shared from SLA Connect

Colleagues,   Here is an opportunity to go to a kids bookstore, or I guess any bookstore you can find and pick up a couple or three Children’s Books to bring to SLA 2017 in Phoenix.  Think of it as “reserving space” in your luggage, so you can do some shopping on your trip home!  A kind of exchange system!!  I understand the AZ Chapter would like to have the books in hand by the close of Exhibits on Tuesday, Jun 20th.  Earlier is better.


SLA is proud to be teaming up with Kids Need to Read , an organization based in Mesa, AZ, and will be collecting donated children’s books at the Annual Conference in Phoenix next month. Pack a children’s book with you on your trip to Phoenix, and drop it off in the registration area. Your donation will benefit this organization whose mission is to provide “inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.”
Donate one of your favorite children’s books, or get suggestions from the organization’s list of recommended books: 

Please email for details or if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for your generosity!
Sharon Lenius
[Federal Librarian – Retired]

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