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September 10, 2015 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm ET


Today’s forward-thinking libraries are responding to changes in information consumption, new technological advancements, and growing user expectations by devising groundbreaking ways to remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital world. This panel will cover the most cutting-edge developments that face today’s modern libraries including tablet integration, wearable technology, data visualizations, MOOCs, content management systems, and much more. These critical issues are approached from the perspective of tech-savvy library leaders who each discuss how forward-thinking libraries are leveraging the newest and most promising emerging technology trends.

Speakers include the field’s top innovators from all areas of librarianship who have strived to provide inspiration and guidance to tomorrow’s library leaders. Each has published a book on their topic in the newly released Library Technology Essentials book series from Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

This panel will be done in PechaKucha 20X20 style – a Japanese presentation style in which each presentation consists of 20 images (or slides), each shown for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the speaker talks along to the images. Each presentation lasts only 6 minutes and 40 seconds!

Webinar participants will learn:

  • The ins and outs of emerging technologies and trends relevant to libraries
  • How libraries and librarians are using these cutting-edge technologies
  • How they can implement these technologies in their libraries today

Featured Presenter(s):

Moderator & Coordinator:

  • Ellyssa Kroski, Director of Information Technology
    New York Law Institute, Series Editor of Library Technology Essentials



  • Tom Bruno, Associate Director for Resource Sharing and Reserves, Yale University Library — Topic: Wearable Technology and Libraries
  • Kyle Courtney, Copyright Advisor, Harvard University — Topic: MOOCs and Libraries
  • Amy Deschenes, User Experience Specialist, Harvard Library — Topic: Free Technology for Libraries
  • Juan Denzer, Library Systems Specialist, Binghamton University Libraries — Topic: Digital Collections and Exhibits
  • Chad Haefele, Emerging Technologies Librarian, UNC Chapel Hill Libraries — Topic: WordPress in Libraries
  • Sarah Mauldin, Director of Library Services, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP — Topic: Data Visualizations and Infographics
  • Elizabeth Willse, Librarian, Berkeley College — Topic: Tablets and Apps in Libraries


Source: New Tech for Federal Libraries

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Top Takeaways From Some of the Best Fed Facebook Pages – GovLoop

Federal agency and department presence on social media varies widely—some have multiple accounts on various platforms while others have just a page or two that is updated infrequently. I wanted to find out what makes some sites more useful than others, so I set out to look at as many federal social media pages as… Read more »

Full Story: Top Takeaways From Some of the Best Fed Facebook Pages – GovLoop

Cutting to the core of the article, here are the 6 key takeaways:

  1.  “Be visual with what you share, but also find fun ways to tell your audience about how the work in your department or agency gets done. Who are the people behind the curtain?”
  2. “Really consider who your audience is and target your posts to them.”
  3. ” When you deal with difficult-to-understand or explain topics, find a way to break down the information for the general public.”
  4. “If you offer services, use some of your page to help the public easily gain access to those services, and be ready to answer questions about them.”
  5. “Be prepared to respond to as many of the (legitimate) questions or comments you receive.”
  6. “You can use your Facebook page to inform about all of the things that you do or offer. Don’t be pigeonholed by what your audience thinks are the only things that you do. Expand their knowledge and share your awesomeness!”

My own take (Bill Drew) on this is that libraries are good at this type of thing and need to extend it to the social side of their presence in the cyber environment.  Why would you do otherwise?
Source: New Tech for Federal Libraries

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The DoD of Tomorrow – GovLoop

The DoD of Tomorrow: Download Now

In 2015, we still talk about wars that started in the early 2000s, manage tense state relations first established during the Cold War, and leverage weapon systems built to combat the Axis powers.

But don’t be fooled. The mission and tactics of the Department of Defense are changing — and fast.

In his first letter to DoD personnel, Secretary Ash Carter impressed the need for transformation in stating, “We must be open to change in order to operate effectively in an increasingly dynamic world; to keep pace with advances in technology; and to attract new generations of talented and dedicated Americans to our calling.”

Yet for the United States’ oldest and largest government agency, change is no easy task. More than 3 million personnel span every time zone and leverage a wide variety of technologies and tactics to achieve a fluid mission.

So what will it take to transform DoD?

Any modifications to strategy or operations will have to be comprehensive and scalable. In this guide, we examine how:

  • Improved operations will create a more agile, data-driven defense strategy
  • New technologies will offer strategic advantage in every battle space
  • Enhanced workforce tactics will recruit and train the next-generation warfighter
  • Revamped acquisition programs will ensure ongoing transformation

In order to accomplish real change, DoD will dedicate significant resources to overhauling every component of its organization. This guide offers examples of current initiatives and explores how the Pentagon will transform American defense.


Download Now

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