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Coming in from the Cold….

A few posts ago, the potential
within the library profession and the intelligence world was examined. This
past week, I was tasked with yet another great example of this brave new
world. (Names have been changed to
protect the innocent ;^)

Assignment: Dr. X was asked to brief
the National Intelligence Council on country Y’s perspectives of country Z’s
military modernization.

result was a fantastic chance to plumb the depths of open source intelligence
in a variety of methods. The question was broken into eight parts and a list of
possible reputable sources to scour was made. Colleagues assisted by providing
alternative resources and examples. After a good two days, enough current and
precise information was gathered to make an accurate and timely presentation.  While Dr. X now had a veritable bible to read
over the next week, he also had all the accurate statistics, reports, news
briefs, etc to utilize for this presentation.  What fun!

how about we teach that in library school? Let’s call it:

Information Research
for Intelligence: Spies, Lies and the Sources that Bind Us.

I love
my job…:)


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