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DMIL Member Interview with Tammy T. Lowery

How did you get involved in military librarianship? 

I got involved with military librarianship by landing my first professional position–as director of Maxwell/Gunter Base Libraries at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL.

How did you get involved in DMIL?  

A few years later after some job and life changes, I joined the Air Combat Command Information Research Service Center at Langley, AFB in Virginia.  That December, I attended the MLW in Monterey, CA.  Listening to dedicated DMIL members speak, I thought, hey, I need to be involved, too.

What has been your best experience working for the military?

I love being an Army Civilian for the potential it offers to work in any state and many countries overseas while staying with the same “company” so to speak.

I enjoy the diverse workforce.  I’ve interacted with over the years especially at the Presidio of Monterey.

I equated working for the Defense Language Institute there to having a world tour come to me.  I doubt I’ll work amongst a more richly diverse group of professionals ever again.  I cherish the many lessons I learned and the cultures to which I was introduced.

What has been your best experience being involved in DMIL?

Best experience  of DMIL is continuing to learn from my dynamic colleagues who keep me inspired through their commitment to the profession.  Enormous effort goes into  making MLTW’s happen and they are so important in terms of networking and shared problem solving.

Now that I am working in the equal employment opportunity career field, I appreciate the value of DMIL even more–there’s no equivalent for army EEO specialists, but the same need for networking and shared problem solving exists.

What positions in DMIL have you held? 

I’ve enjoyed being part of the Resources Committee for several years and look forward to many more!  I’ve also served as Membership Chair and Student Liaison.

If someone were to visit your library or your town, what would you be sure to show them or recommend that they see? 

I’m currently at Tooele Army Depot in Tooele, Utah.  Tooele is pretty small but the landscape is spectacular and one has to see the Great Salt Lake. When I was at the Presidio, I’d usually take visitors to see the Berlin Wall monument.  A family donated three panels of the wall for DLI to display on its grounds.  It’s a must see!

Please recommend one LIS-specific book or article that you read recently that you found particularly good. What makes it worthwhile?

I recommend Marshall Breeding’s Library Systems Report 2016.  So much information there about trends and who is doing or is no longer doing what.  I recommend reading Mr. Breeding’s report every year for its thorough to-the-point coverage.

Please recommend one LIS-specific book or article that you read recently that you found particularly good. What makes it worthwhile?

Since we’re nearing the holidays, for fun I recommend Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory.” Yes, it’s a short story nestled in various Capote collections–go ahead and read the rest of the compilation.  Proud to promote a fellow native Alabamian!

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