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DTIC eNews Summer 2013

DTIC eNews

Summer 2013 


DTIC now provides an easy registration process for non-DoD federal government employees. Partnering with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), DTIC enables these federal employees to access DoD unclassified, limited information faster. Non-DoD federal employees can now enter their personal information online, which will be securely verified against the OPM employment database. In addition, an SF-50 (Notification of Personnel Action) will no longer be required to prove one is employed by the federal government. Please share this URL with your colleagues, [ ].


DTIC posted a number of recently released reports from the House and Senate Armed Services Committees and House Appropriations Committee, all of which can be found on the DoD Congressional Budget Data website: [] and DTIC’s secure site: []. These reports are available in both PDF and Excel formats, and divided into four parts on the DTIC site: (1) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E); (2) Procurement; (3) Operation and Maintenance; and (4) Personnel.  DTIC performs this service for all Congressional markup activities in order to facilitate the timely analysis of Congressional budget decisions.


The IAC Program, which is managed by DTIC, was highlighted in a Federal Times article, “Sequester Delays Some Contract Awards,” in which a DoD spokesperson is quoted as saying, “IACs serve… as a proven resource for maximizing the value of each dollar the department spends.” Read the Federal Times article here:

[]. For more  about the value of the IAC program, see DTIC News Wire (in the middle of the DTIC homepage) at: [].


New features on DoDTechipedia will improve the wiki experience for current users and make it easier for new contributors to get started. The navigation is streamlined, the editing feature is simpler and there are shortcuts to add content. For a full list of what’s new, visit: []

DTIC (Collections) Search has been enhanced and is available on the DoDTechSpace pilot []. Among the new features: faster display of search results; community tab showing people, documents, blogs, etc., from DoDTechSpace;  all results tab showing top hits from DoD research and more intuitive options to refine your search.


Connecting DoD to develop technologies for the Warfighter

– Discover

– Collaborate

– Analyze 


 PROVIDING BROADER ACCESS TO FEDERAL RESEARCH RESULTS AND DATA In Feb 2013, John Holdren, the White House Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), signed a memo on, “Increasing Access to the Result of Federally Funded Scientific Research.” An Executive Order, released in May, adds context to the memo: []. DTIC was tapped to work with members of the DoD S&T community to craft a response to and meet the requirements of the memo. In two articles posted on DoDTechSpace, DTIC’s Administrator, Christopher Thomas, talks about the issues related to providing broader access to federally funded research and data and said, “Our investment in meeting the OSTP Memo will be paid back in countless ways. Even in this time of sequestration and budget uncertainty in the DoD this effort will have real paybacks.” View the articles here: [] and []


SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATED PRIORITY LISTS (STIPLS) 100% COMPLETE A goal of the STIPLs is to identify operational requirements for technology-based capabilities and align those requirements with appropriate S&T efforts for the Combatant Commands (CCMDs). DTIC’s CCMD librarians receive STIPLs from the commands and research the capability gaps. DTIC processed a total of 168 STIPLs in FY 2013 for the 9 CCMDs, which also included input from the newly-established U.S. Forces Korea-Pacific Command (USFK-PACOM). DTIC posts the STIPLs and possible solutions on DoDTechipedia (SIPR).


ANNUAL CONFERENCE POSTPONED – FREE TRAINING STILL AVAILABLE DTIC’s Annual Conference has been indefinitely postponed, but we are still offering free training. Go to [] for current information about DTIC’s products and services, review the training schedule and watch for DTIC Online News announcements about upcoming Webinars. You can always request training by contacting [].



DTIC was established as a DoD Field Activity 4 June 2004. In May of this year, DTIC’s DoD Field Activity Charter was renewed by Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter. This charter, in force until 2018, reaffirms DTIC’s place in the DoD as the central scientific, research and engineering information support activity for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (ASD(R&E)). The DoD DTIC Field Activity Directive 5105.73 (approved for public release) can be found on the DoD Issuances website: [].


Let Your Voice Be Heard!  Are DTIC services meeting your needs?

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"Ike and Dutch: Mentor, Protégé, and Common Sense by Dr. Gene Kopelson" presentation at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center

Published on Feb 24, 2017

As Ronald Reagan traveled across the United States campaigning for the highest office in the land, the Governor of California possessed an ace in his hand unmatched by his opponents: the ear and advice of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Reagan was in constant contact with Ike, following his advice at every turn and going so far as to base his entire 1966 campaign on his mentor’s own successful run years before. Eisenhower’s astute view of internal Washington politics, foreign affairs, military matters, and the swirling pool of primary rivals, provided his protégé the fuel he needed to learn, and eventually win, the war of words. In his latest book, Reagan’s 1968 Dress Rehearsal: Ike, RFK, and Reagan’s Emergence as a World Statesman, Dr. Gene Kopelson outlines the story of Reagan’s first presidential bid with an in-depth look behind the scenes. On Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Dr. Kopelson gave a lecture titled, “Ike and Dutch: Mentor, Protégé, and Common Sense,” to delve deeper into the relationship between Reagan and his mentor and how it not only shaped Reagan’s future campaigns, but his presidency, as well.

In his lecture at the USAHEC, Dr. Kopelson uses never-before-tapped audio clips, interviews with the original 1968 campaign staff, Eisenhower’s personal diary, and material straight from personal correspondence to show how Eisenhower influenced Reagan’s politics and eventually, his far-reaching presidential policies. From Reagan’s hawkish views on Vietnam to his perspective on the Arab-Israeli situation, his groundbreaking steps with Gorbachev and the Soviets to nuclear defense, Eisenhower and Reagan had a close and personal relationship which changed America’s future.

Lecture Date: February 15, 2017

Length: 52 Minutes
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