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Looking for Social Media Contacts in Military Libraries

Are you that special person who energizes the Social Media Arena in your library?  Is it your assignment by design or by default?  Would you like to talk with or share ideas and experiences with other Federal and/or Military Libraries?  If so, then Isabel Lopes is the person at the Naval War College Library who is interested in listening, sharing, and trading ideas. If you want to see her work on Facebook, please:
Visit our Facebook page at:

Afterwards, you can contact Isabel by email (  She would be absolutely delighted to hear from you.  She is enthusiastic, vibrant, innovative, and always looking for new ideas.
Don’t be shy!


Lucille M. Rosa  |   Head, Tech Services Div.
Naval War College Library   |   686 Cushing Rd.   |    Newport, RI 02841
401-841-6492   |   401-841-6562   |   DSN  841-6492

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