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Proceedings for Past Military Libraries Workshops

Some proceedings are available below. Proceedings from other past Military Libraries/Librarians Workshops may be purchased from NTIS (National Technical Information Service) by the public. In addition, DTIC registered users (DoD or DoD contractors) may purchase direct from DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center).

Military Librarians Workshop: A Premier Gathering of Military Librarians 1957-1999  — History behind the annual MLW.
2015,Dec 6-9
Military Libraries…A Capital Idea : Website and Posts
Arlington, VA

2013,Dec. 9-11
Adaptability – Resiliency:  Webpage
Huntsville, AL

2012, Dec
Military Libraries: Modern Trailblazers
Workshop was cancelled.
Albuquerque NM

2011, 4-9 Dec
Riding the Information Wave:MLW 2011 material — various materials in PDF format; Tweets – #MLW2011

Norfolk, VA
[No proceedings from this conference.]

2010. December
Communication is Your Combat Power: Tweets on Twitter for #MLW2010
Sandestin, FL

Norfolk, VA
2009, Dec
Toward New Horizons
[No proceedings from this conference.]
Nashville, TN

2008, 8-12 Dec
Dawn of a New Revolution
Dudlye Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA

2007, 3-7 Dec
The Military Librarians Greatest War: Preserving the Past, Capturing the Future
Combined Arms Research Library, Fort Leavenworth, KS
Kansas City, MO

2006, 5-8 Dec
Golden Reflections and Directions
Air University Library and Air Force Partners in San Antonio
San Antonio, TX

2005, 5-9 Dec
Bright Lights–Military Librarians Shining in Uncertain Times
Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Div, Technical Library, China Lake, CA
Las Vegas, NV

2004, 6-10 Dec
Military Librarians: Evolving at the Speed of Change
US Army Chaplains Center and School; DOD Polygraph Institute
US Army Soldier Support Institute; Defense Technical Information
Columbia, SC

2003, 9-12 Dec
The State We’re In: Preserving the Past, Protecting the Present, Securing the Future
National Defense University
Washington, DC

2002, 3-5 Dec
Leading for Today While Planning for Tomorrow
US Marine Corps University
[No Proceedings from this conference]
Quantico VA/Richmond VA

2001, 30 Oct-1 Nov
Tools of Influence for Military Librarians
Workshop was cancelled because of 9/11/2001
US Air Force Academy
Workshop Cancelled
Colorado Springs CO

2000, 31 Oct-3 Nov
Steer by the Stars, Not by the Wake (CD-ROM)
Link to list of Multimedia videos of presentations available on separate discs.
US Naval Postgraduate School
ADM 001 311
Monterey CA

1999, 6-10 Dec
Where Library History Meets the Future
US Army Training and Doctrine Command
ADA 388316
Ft Monroe VA/Williamsburg VA

1998, 16-19 Nov
Managing the Digital Library
Defense Technical Information Center
ADA 383-568
Alexandria VA / Arlington VA

1997, 18-20 Nov
Vision 2000: Strategies for a New Millennium
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Libraries
ADA 349 711
Wright-Patterson AFB OH / Dayton OH

1996, 20-22 Nov
Change and Continuity in Librarianship: Approaching the Twenty-First Century
Naval Academy
ADA 352-039
Annapolis MD

1995, 9-12 Oct
Information Warfare: Librarians on the Frontline
Army Command and General Staff College
ADA 317-738
Fort Leavenworth, KS / Kansas City, MO

1994, 14-17 Nov
Reinventing Libraries: Challenges and Change
Redstone Scientific Information Center
ADA 298-608
Hunstville, AL

1993, 15-18 Nov
On ‘Global Information: The Sun Never Sets’
Air Force Material Command
ADA 286-636
Albuquerque, NM

1992, 28-30 Oct
New Agendas for the 90’s
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
ADA 264-198
Mystic CT

1991, 12-15 Nov
Planning for the Unpredictable
Defense Language Institute
[No proceedings from this conference]
Monterey CA

1990, 9-12 Oct
Libraries: A Vision for the 90’s and Beyond
US Army Training and Doctrine Command, VA
ADA 236-754
Williamsburg VA

1989, 18-20 Oct
Libraries & Technology in Transition: Meeting the Challenge
Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
ADA 261-071
San Antonio TX

1988, 12-14 Oct
DoD Librarian Interfaces
Naval Ocean Systems Center
ADA 209-394
San Diego CA

1987, 20-23 Oct
Information Management and Intelligence
Defense Intelligence Agency
ADA 220-404
Washington DC
[/column][column width=”250px” padding=”10px”]
1986, 15-17 Oct
Networking Integrated
US Army Corps of Engineers
[No proceedings from this conference]
New Orleans LA

1985, 9-11 Oct
The Military Librarian as a Manager – We Win with People
US Air Force Academy
ADA 189-655
Colorado Springs CO

1984, 17-19 Oct
Costs and Benefits of Library Operations
Naval Coastal Systems Center
ADA 159-600
Panama City Beach, Florida

1983, 12-14 Oct
Space Planning and Today’s Technologies
Defense Nuclear Agency
ADA 159-300
Reston VA

1982, 13-15 Oct
Interservice Resources Management
US Military Academy Library
ADA 147 921
West Point NY

1981, 14-15 Oct
Leadership and Management for the Military Librarian
Air University
ADA 116 752
Maxwell AFB AL

1980, 15-17 Oct
Information Management in DoD: The Role of Libraries
Naval Postgraduate School
ADA 130 345
Monterey CA

1979, 3-5 Oct
Military Special Libraries in 1990
Defense Documentation Center
ADA 086 300
Alexandria VA

1978, 31 Oct-2 Nov
Resource Sharing II
Air Force Weapons Laboratory
ADA 069 158
Kirtland AFB NM / Albuquerque NM

1977, 27-29 Sep
Resource Sharing
US Army War College, US Army Military History Institute
ADA 066 778
Carlisle Barracks PA

1976, 20-22 Oct
Public Relations
US Naval Academy
ADA 061 432
Annapolis MD

1975, 30 Sep-2 Oct
Intellectual Updating: Changes in the State of the Art of Librarianship
US Air Force Academy
ADA 031 444
Colorado Springs CO

1974, 10-12 Sep
Interpersonal Communications
US Army Communications Command
ADA 015 886
Fort Huachuca AZ

1973, 9-12 Sep
Military Libraries and the Challenge of the 70’s
Naval Research Laboratory
AD 782 803
Washington DC

1972, 2-4 Oct
Technology Transfer
Redstone Scientific Information Center
AD 759 494
Redstone Arsenal AL

1971, 4-6 Oct
Principles of Management for DoD Libraries
Air Force Military Personnel Center and San Antonio area Military Libraries
AD 761 819
San Antonio TX

1970, 30 Nov-2 Dec
DoD Libraries in Transition
Industrial College of the Armed Forces
AD 732 461
Washington DC

1969, 29 Sep-1 Oct
Administration of Libraries
US Naval War College
AD 710 395
Newport RI

1968, 30 Sep-2 Oct
Managing a Military Library
US Army War College
AD 645 982
San Diego CA

1967, 31 Oct – 2 Nov
The User and the Library
Air Force Institute of Technology, Air University
AD 669 362
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base OH

1966, 12-14 Oct
Library Employee Development
US Navy Electronics Laboratory
AD 645 982
San Diego CA

1965, 3-5 Nov
The Library in the Defense Establishment: Mutual Obligations toward Mission Accomplishment
US Military Academy
AD 638 928
West Point NY

1964, 14-16 Oct
The Military Library in the Information Process – a Report to Management
Air Force Weapons Laboratory
AD 632 300
Kirtland AFB NM / Albuquerque, NM

, 2-4 Oct

Procurement and Retrieval – Meeting the Challenge
US Naval Ordnance Laboratory
AD 493 137
White Oak MD / Silver Springs MD

1962, 26-28 Sep
White Sands Missile Range
AD 493 785
Albuquerque NM

1961, 4-6 Oct
US Air Force Academy Library
AD 665 760
Colorado Springs, CO

1960, 5-7 Oct
Controlling Literature by Automation
Armed Services Technical Information Agency
AD 243 000 & AD 243 001
Washington DC

1959, 8-10 Oct
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA

1958, 2-4 Oct
US Army Artillery and Missile Center
AD 824 675
Fort Sill, OK

1957, 21-23 Oct
Air University Library
Ada 660 919
Maxwell Air Force Base, AL[/column][end_columns]


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