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Prepare Yourself for the Knowledge Development/ Knowledge Sharing Framework Your Management Is Asking For

From guest blogger Guy St. Clair, subject matter expert and lecturer for Columbia University’s Information and Knowledge Strategy master’s program, and president, SMR International.  Guy is an instructor for the KM/Knowledge Services Certificate program offered by SLA in cooperation with SMR International.

In a post this past June, Dale Stanley had thoughtful observations about how companies and organizations are getting serious about knowledge management (KM) and knowledge services. Dale, SMR’s senior consultant and marketing and operations manager, offered good advice to people we know who work in specialized libraries.

Dale’s message? That many enterprise leaders now expect their companies and organizations to observe KM/knowledge services principles in the workplace (even if the leaders themselves sometimes grapple with what we “mean” when we speak about this critical discipline). As Dale noted, it’s been a major change in the way some organizational leaders think, “and it affects every information and knowledge exchange that takes place in every functional unit of every company and organization.”

So how do people who work with information, knowledge, and strategic learning content – the knowledge services specialists – deal with this change in the workplace? We have the answer: to learn as much as they can.

In that post last June, part of our purpose was to encourage specialist librarians to join us in our strategic learning programs at the SLA Conference, and among those programs was KMKS 101 Fundamentals of KM and Knowledge Services. Formerly offered only for SLA’s conference attendees, the course is now available online for the first time, beginning on September 9.

One of six special strategic learning programs making up SLA’s highly regarded KM/Knowledge Services Certificate Program, KMKS101 provides an introduction to the overall subject of KM and establishes the connection between KM and knowledge services, the convergence of information management, KM, and strategic learning into the company’s primary management and service-delivery methodology for successful knowledge development and knowledge sharing (what we like to refer to as “KD/KS”).

Here’s what some of our past participants have had to say about Fundamentals of KM and Knowledge Services:

  • “Is there ever really enough time? I found the course to be so helpful I could have continued for another day, just to get everyone’s feedback.”
  • “The personal discussions with both professors and other attendees was very valuable.”
  • “I found the courses to be very valuable and helpful. I returned to work with an understanding of the road ahead and a lot of positive ideas of how to implement the concepts.”
  • “This was a great introduction to KM/Knowledge Services.”
  • I found it very valuable to understand exactly what KM is and where it fits into my daily routine and how I can make it more of a priority in what I do. I would recommend the class to anyone who wants more information about KM/Knowledge Services.”
  • “With this course, I’m now better able to explain what I do for the company and why KM/Knowledge Services is so important.”
  • “The course gave a complete understanding of KM/Knowledge Services, with a chance to question the experts.”
  • “It was important for me to learn how KM/Knowledge Services differs from other traditional/non-traditional library perspectives in the use of the information.”
  • “I was happy to learn that the project I have been undertaking falls totally under the heading of KM/Knowledge Services and that I was given tools to expand my knowledge and incorporate KM and Knowledge Services more deeply into my work.”
  • “I liked getting a definition of KM/Knowledge Services and how it fits into my company.”

More information about KM, knowledge services, and knowledge strategy is available from SLA, with the six courses in the KMKS Certificate Program now all available online, beginning with – as noted – KMKS101 (Fundamentals of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services) in September. Other upcoming courses in the program include KMKS105 (Change Management and Change Implementation in the Knowledge Domain) in October, KMKS104 (Networking and Social Media: Technology-Enabled Knowledge Sharing) in February 2014, and KMKS106 (Critical Success Factors: Measuring Knowledge Services) in April 2014, all offered online.

For more information about the KM/KS program or individual courses, please contact Click University staff.

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