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Reference: “Making Your Publications Open Access: Resources to Assist Researchers and Librarians”

Posted originally by Gary Price at InfoDocket .

Here’s a new and very useful guide of 16 web-based resources (with annotations) compiled and written by Diane Dawson, a librarian at the University of Saskatchewan.  It’s published in the October 2013 issue (Vol. 73, No. 4) of College and Research Libraries News.

Kudos Diane, well done.

From the Guide:

This guide is intended to be a practical tool to help busy researchers, and the librarians who support them, make the transition to OA. The focus herein is on freely available online resources that will assist in making research publications OA; the closely associated, and rapidly growing, area of research data is beyond the scope of this column.

Resources are organized into the following sections:

  • Why should I make my publications OA?
  • Author rights and addenda
  • Taking the Gold Road: OA journals
  • The “hybrid” OA option
  • Taking the Green Road: OA repositories
  • What are your rights to self-archive?
  • Multidisciplinary repositories

Direct to Full Text: Making Your Publications Open Access: Resources to Assist Researchers and Librarians

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