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SLA Board of Directors Meeting – 14 Aug 2013

SLA Board of Directors Meeting

14 August 2013



1. Call to Order and Welcome President Deb Hunt called the meeting to order at 1:01 pm EDT.

2. Attendance

Deb Hunt, Kate Arnold, Brent Mai, Hal Kirkwood, John DiGilio, Marilyn Bromley, Kama Siegel, Ann Koopman, Tara Murray, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Sara Tompson, Debbie Schachter, Richard Huffine, Ulla de Stricker

Candidates: Juliane Schneider, Tony Landolt, Bethan Ruddock, Jill Strand, Valerie Perry, Valerie Ryder, Leslie Reynolds, Moy McIntosh

Guest: Bill Noorlander

Staff: Linda Broussard, Natasha Kenner

Not Available: Janice Lachance, Pam Enrici, James King


3. Consent Agenda

3.1 OM0613-A04 June 8 Open Session Board Meeting Minutes

3.2 OM0713-A01 July 10 Open Session Board Meeting Minutes

4. Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was approved.

5. Remarks of the President

Hunt expressed her thanks to everyone involved in the Board candidate webinars, saying that they had been fantastic so far. Her quote for the meeting is: “Eat the elephant one bite at a time, keeping your focus on the future while building on the past.”

6. Old Business

6.1 Conference Re-envisioning TF Update (Kirkwood/Arnold

Arnold reported that the results of the post-conference survey, sent to attendees and non-attendees, have been received and are being analyzed. The task force is still on target to report to the board in November.

 6.2 OM0813-B01 Revenue Brainstorming Task Force Report (DiGilio/Noorlander)

Guest Bill Noorlander reported on the work of the task force. It was formed in April 2013, with a good diversity of members by type of library and country. They have talked by phone or in-person four or five times. It was realized at the beginning that the issue could not be looked at in isolation as it impacted a number of other SLA efforts and discussions. After developing a list of 40-50 ideas, those with the most potential were organized into five common themes. In addition, TF members talked to other organizations like SLA as part of their work.

The five themes are: non-dues membership fees, organized fund raising campaigns, new products for members and the marketplace, supplier/vendor support and funding, and a review of SLA real estate.

After board discussion, it was agreed that we need to prioritize the themes, as it’s not possible to work on all of them at the same time. Hunt asked each board member to send their thoughts and ideas to treasurer DiGilio by Friday (8/16/2013) noon Central time.

 6.3 Joint Cabinet Online Meetings Report (Schachter/Koopman)

The report for this agenda item is OM0813-A04 under agenda item 6.4 below. Koopman and Schachter thanked all for their efforts in ensuring two successful Joint Cabinet meetings via webinar. Having a parliamentarian was very helpful and should be considered for future Joint Cabinet meetings. A good cross section of all units participated in the webinars, with good engagement by a majority. It is clear that the process of holding Cabinet meetings using GoToMeeting, while not completely frustration-free (at least this first time) is viable for the future.

All cabinet chairs were involved in preparing the report, which was written by Division Cabinet Past-Chair Richard Huffine. Since the two cabinets approved slightly different motions, the report’s recommendation seeks to achieve a middle ground between the two motions.

After discussion, the recommendation was amended to remove the phrase “at the October Board meeting” in the penultimate sentence, and to change the date in the last sentence to “November 1, 2013.” The amended recommendation was approved unanimously. Hunt appointed three board members and suggested three Cabinet members to work with PRAC to develop draft survey questions.

 6.4 OM0813-A04 Discussion of Joint Cabinet Motions (Hunt)

[see above, agenda item 6.3]

7. New Business

7.1 OM0813-A03 Proposed Language for Division Virtual Business Meetings (Koopman)

Koopman explained the need to revise text from the Model Division Governing Document, the Conference Guidelines, and the Recommended Practices for Divisions to allow divisions to hold their annual business meeting outside of Annual Conference, e.g. using GoToMeeting. Broussard advised that individual unit governing documents would not need to be changed; this change in our policy can be used to automatically update any/all of the unit documents that currently specify election periods (not all do).

The motion to adopt the recommendation was approved unanimously.

7.2 OM0813-A01 Proposed Language for Changes in Cabinet Officer Job Desc/Practices (Schachter/Koopman)

Schachter reported on the proposed revision of Cabinet officer job descriptions to reflect the additional responsibility of working with HQ staff and individual units on compliance with SLA reporting requirements. The revision also helped straighten out some confusion with regard to Cabinet roles.

The motion to adopt the recommendation was approved unanimously.

 7.3 OM0813-A02 Proposed Language on Date of Unit Elections for Smooth Transition and Summit Attendance (Schachter/Koopman)

Koopman explained that this document, revising the Recommended Practices for Divisions and Chapters, recommends that units hold their officer elections no later than October 1. This would ensure a smooth transition from one unit board to the next, and also provide time for new officers to prepare for Leadership Summit. Both Recommended Practices documents are being revised and will be on the SLA website soon.

Arnold made a motion to amend the date in the section II charts (page 1 and 2) to “no later than October 1.” Motion was seconded; approved unanimously.

 7.4 OM0813-A05 Repair of HVAC system and Capital Campaign (DiGilio)

DiGilio reported on the state of the HQ HVAC system. It is outdated, degrading and operating at a fraction of its former capacity. This summer, HQ staff have dealt daily with temperatures of over 80 degrees, water leaks and general uncomfortableness. The building pipes and roof will also need repairing as part of necessary work. Bids from four contractors for repair work have been received.

After a lengthy discussion of many possible options, DiGilio moved that the Board of Directors direct SLA staff to gather bids for the work, have a building inspection and appraisal done by a real estate professional, and report back to the board in September. The motion passed. Hunt will schedule a board conference call in early September, prior to our monthly meeting on September 11.

 8. Program Updates and Reports


9. Announcements

9.1 Visits if any (Hunt, Arnold, Lachance)

Arnold made a visit to the Minnesota chapter as part of their 70th anniversary celebrations. Twenty past- presidents of the chapter attended the anniversary dinner. Hurst-Wahl reported that she will be speaking to the Hudson Valley chapter in September; she is also their liaison.

10. Adjournment and Departure of Candidates

The meeting was adjourned by President Hunt at 2:57 pm EDT.

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