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Our time to dazzle!

Dear Colleagues,

A few months ago, I asked members of the Military Libraries Division to send me a story or two about being a military librarian, but heard back from only four of the more than 200 members.  Please consider making a contribution now!

The Military Libraries Division of SLA is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.  We would like your help to create something special for current members, to dazzle members of other divisions (!), and to attract new members – a book filled with your stories and recollections.

Would you be willing to answer one or more of these questions, and send me your responses?

– Why did you first decide to work in a military library?  Was there something special that intrigued you about this type of library?  Was there a veteran or military member in your life who suggested that you get into this type of special librarianship?  If so, would you share the story with your colleagues?

– How do you make a difference as a military library employee?  Do you remember a special project, or customer, or challenge that you could relate?

– How does working in a military library inspire you?  Can you tell us one or more stories about special times in your career?

– What has your career meant to you, and why would you encourage others to become military librarians?

There is no set length for this assignment – it can be as short or as long as you like!   Please send me your contributions – preferably in the body of an email. I will edit (with your permission) and compile them into a booklet that we will post on our Division website for everyone to enjoy.

The new deadline for contributions is Friday, 30 August 2013.

My email address:

Dr. Gail Nicula
DOD Director



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DMIL 60th Anniversary Programs & Events @ SLA 2013

SLA 2013 DMIL Programs with Rooms

View the variety of Programs and Events presented by the Military Libraries Division at this year’s SLA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.


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Tribute to DMIL by Larry Nix

Enjoy this special tribute to DMIL from the blog of Larry Nix, retired librarian and Post Card and Library Memorabilia Collector.  Thank you, Larry!

Spread the word…..DMIL is Sixty and we are celebrating at SLA 2013 in San Diego.   Please see the attached listing of DMIL Programs and Events, Jun 9-12, 2013

Tribute to DMIL’s Sixtieth Anniversary by Larry Nix

Tribute to Military Libraries, Veterans Day 2011




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MLD Celebrates Begins Year Long 60th Anniversary at SLA Leadership Summit

The Military Libraries Division (MLD) was the talk of the SLA Leadership Summit, held February 6-8, 2013 in Dallas, TX. MLD had several members and past members attending the SLA Leadership Summit, including Michael F. Moore (Division Chair), Christine Marshall (Director – Conference Planner 2014), Betty Edwards (Director – Conference Planner 2015, also representing the Engineering Division), Marie Kaddell (representing the Washington DC Chapter), and Deborah Keller (past MLD Secretary, representing the Knowledge Management Division).

On Thursday, MLD celebrated their Division’s 60th anniversary with cake and cupcakes at the afternoon break. . The cake was rich vanilla with blue and gold cream frosting and a hint of strawberry between the layers, and the cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate cake with frosting and sprinkles. The Summit attendees were delighted by the additional treats during their break. Among the many congratulations were several people who predicted the attendees would have a sugar crash an hour after the break, and Chapter Cabinet Chair Debbie Schachter told the crowd that more SLA Units should celebrate their anniversaries at the Leadership Summit.

On Friday, MLD was recognized with a Unit Ingenuity & Innovation Award “for its exemplary support of membership recruitment via its student program.” In 2011, the Military Libraries Division decided to encourage more students to join their division by sponsoring the “100 Students Project.” 100 students could add the Military Libraries Division as an additional Division at no extra cost, and five students would be selected through an essay contest to receive one year paid membership to SLA and MLD. Through this program, the MLD added 20 student members in 2012. Division Chair Michael F. Moore accepted the award from Division Cabinet Past Chair Richard Huffine, and gave credit to MLD Student Liaison Tammy Lowery, who took the Board’s proposal and made it happen..

At the Division Cabinet Meeting on Friday afternoon, Division Cabinet Chair Ann Koopman’s report included mention of the cancellation of the Military Libraries Workshop, and in the same breath reminded people of the recent award and the 60th anniversary celebration.

Michael F. Moore, MLD Chair 2013

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