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MLD Newsletter Status

On 9 Dec 2013, the board voted to do away with the newsletter in its current format. It will be integrated into the blog. Nancy Hicks, current newsletter editor, and I are investigating how best to do this and will come up with a plan to present to the board. Meanwhile, I will create a new category on the blog called MLD News that will be focused solely on the types of items previously reported in the newsletter. It is quite likely that these posts will also be assigned to other categories as well.

Bill Drew
Web and blog manager for MLD

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MLD Board nominations open

 Members of the Military Libraries Division:

Are you interested in serving on the Executive Board of the Military Libraries Division? Do you know someone who would make a good Board Member?

Please nominate!

Professional benefits: experience in planning and leading
Financial benefits: MLD will reimburse you for certain conference attendance
Intangible benefits: many

We have openings for the following positions:

  • Chair-Elect (2014-2016)
  • Secretary (2014-2015)
  • Director, Conference Planner 2016 (term 2014-2016)
  • Service Director, Air Force (to fill remainder of 2013-2014 term)
  • Service Director, Army (2014-2015)
  • Service Director, Navy/Marine Corps (2014-2015)

Questions? Contact anyone on the Nominating Committee. For questions on specific offices, you can also contact the current (or former) office holder.

Get involved!
Please send your name to the Nominating committee:,, and

Nominations are due by Sept 30.
All nominees must submit a one-paragraph biography to include past MLD activity.

Gloria Miller, MLS
MLD Past Chair
Special Libraries Association-Military Libraries Division

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Wanted: Bloggers and Tech People

The blog and website are in full production mode.  What are now needed are volunteers interested in contributing content on a regular or irregular basis to the blog.  Posts can be short or long.  The topics can be related to special libraries or military libraries or libraries in general.  Opinion pieces are also welcome.  Do you have favorite search tools or strategies that you want to tell others about?  Is your library doing anything innovative?  Do you have technical knowledge to share? 

The website and blog is in need of at least one other person besides me to act as an administrator/ tech support when I can’t be reached.  Is there anyone familiar with WordPress and cPanel functions that would be interested in acting as my back-up? 

Bill Drew, SLA-DMIL Web Manager

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DMIL listed as sponsor in SLA Second LIfe article

The October issue of RezLibris has on article on the SLA Virtual World Advisory Council.  DMIL is listed as a sponsor of the plan to upgrade the site in Second Life.

To read the article

Quote–We are continuing to look for sponsors for this next phase and have currently raised $2500.00 and are beginning work with World2Worlds. We are very thankful for our current sponsors: IEEE, Safari Books Online, Reprints Desk and the SLA Military Libraries Division.

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DMIL and DGI co-sponsoring a booth on How to Become a Federal Librarian in Second Life Library Job Fair

 FED SL BOOTH_001 (2) If you are in Second LIfe this evening, drop by Infotainment Island and check out the Federal Libraries Booth.  The Government Information Division ,the Military Libraries Division, and ALA's Federal and Armed Forces Round Table (FAFLRT) are co-sponsoring a booth with information on how to become a federal librarian at the first Second LIfe Library Career Fair and Library Fair, sponsored by the Alliance Virtual Library on May 8 & 9th, 2009.   The event takes place on Infotainment Islan.


The Federal Depository Libraries also have booth at the the fair

From the description on the Alliance Library webpage:

The Library Career Fair, May 8th, is being managed by the LIS Student Union under Adra Letov and DaisyBlue Hefferman. The Career Fair events will include: Orientations for new avatars (librarians, students, and staff), an LIS Career Resource Center with links to global job postings, speakers on survival skills for getting a job in a bad economy, resume tune-up, and what employers are looking for in today’s media-rich Web 2.0 information environments. If you are interested in posting positions or working with the Career Fair in some way, please contact Diane Nahl, SL: Adra Letov, at

Here is the schedule:

Second Life LIS Student Union Career Fair: 
Carpe Calamitas! Networking Librarians, Students, Employers and Recruiters
Friday May 8, 2009 – Noon to 7 PM SLT
Noon-2 pm SLT: Orientation sessions for new avatars
2-3 pm SLT: Opening Keynote Speaker: Kitty Pope, Executive-Director of AVL, on kicking off the month-long celebration of AVL’s Third Anniversary in Second Life.  Additionally, other speakers will be addressing survival skills for getting a job in a bad economy.
3-4 pm SLT: Research mini-conference presentations by students on their Second Life interface studies.
4-5 pm SLT: Panel of recruiters and employers:  “What are employers looking for in today's media-rich Web 2.0 information environments?”
5-7 pm SLT: Social Networking Party mixer for Career Fair and Library Fair participants and friends with DJ Gwen Carillon, dancing and music.
Questions?  PM Melanie Twine.
Alliance Virtual Library Library Fair
Saturday, May 9th 2009
Noon to 6 PM SLT
12:00 pm – 12:45 pm SLT
"Libraries and Innovation in Second Life"
Lori Bell (RL) Lorelei Junot (SL)
Alliance Virtual Library
1 pm – 1:45 pm SLT
"Growing a Community Library; Lessons from the Field"
Micki McIntyre (RL) Derry McMahon (SL)
2 pm – 2:45 pm SLT
"Supporting and Promoting Ingenuity"
Joanne Brothers (RL) Vienna James (SL)
University of the West of England & RezLibris
3 pm – 3:45 SLT
"SL Library Instruction: A Work in Progress"
P. Charles Livermore (RL) Hopalong Oh (SL)
St. John's University Libraries
4 pm SLT – 6 PM SLT
Exhibits & Networking

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