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DoD Conference Guidance revised Sept 2015

The Department of Defense has posted “Conference Guidance 3.0” on the DoD Conference Policies and Controls web site, It supersedes and cancels previous guidance.


The following guidance should encourage potential MLTW attendees to request their organization to fund TDY:

“Approval authority for conferences with a total cost of$100,000 or less not sponsored or hosted by DoD is delegated to the lowest appropriate level, as follows:

(1) For conferences costing $3,000 or more per attendee or $600 or more per day per civilian employee or military member, approval is delegated to officials who are at the grade of 0-5, GS-14, or equivalent, and at least one level above the supervisors with normal TDY /TAD approval authority for such employees or military members, consistent with organizational guidelines.

(2) For conferences costing less than $3000 per attendee and less than $600 per day per civilian employee or military member, and for no-cost conferences, approval authority is delegated to supervisors with normal TDY /TAD approval authority, consistent with organizational guidelines.”


Watch your Service/Command for additional guidance.


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Budgetary turmoil at the Department of Defense from 2010 to 2014 | Brookings Institution

Budgetary turmoil at the Department of Defense from 2010 to 2014 | Brookings Institution

During the past five years, the Department of Defense (DOD) has experienced nearly constant budgetary turmoil. The large and sudden sequester cuts of 2013 and the government shutdown in that same year constitute the best known events. Other instances are less well known but contributed to disruption. They include creating plans to shut down DOD on five different occasions, creating two budgets for the same year on several occasions because of uncertainty about the ultimate size of the appropriation, a major out-of-cycle planning process, and accommodating budgets that were six months late in enactment during two of the past five years. While this paper focuses on past budgetary turmoil at DOD, that turmoil unfortunately continues today.

Full Story: Budgetary turmoil at the Department of Defense from 2010 to 2014 | Brookings Institution.

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The DoD of Tomorrow – GovLoop

The DoD of Tomorrow: Download Now

In 2015, we still talk about wars that started in the early 2000s, manage tense state relations first established during the Cold War, and leverage weapon systems built to combat the Axis powers.

But don’t be fooled. The mission and tactics of the Department of Defense are changing — and fast.

In his first letter to DoD personnel, Secretary Ash Carter impressed the need for transformation in stating, “We must be open to change in order to operate effectively in an increasingly dynamic world; to keep pace with advances in technology; and to attract new generations of talented and dedicated Americans to our calling.”

Yet for the United States’ oldest and largest government agency, change is no easy task. More than 3 million personnel span every time zone and leverage a wide variety of technologies and tactics to achieve a fluid mission.

So what will it take to transform DoD?

Any modifications to strategy or operations will have to be comprehensive and scalable. In this guide, we examine how:

  • Improved operations will create a more agile, data-driven defense strategy
  • New technologies will offer strategic advantage in every battle space
  • Enhanced workforce tactics will recruit and train the next-generation warfighter
  • Revamped acquisition programs will ensure ongoing transformation

In order to accomplish real change, DoD will dedicate significant resources to overhauling every component of its organization. This guide offers examples of current initiatives and explores how the Pentagon will transform American defense.


Download Now

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