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DISA and Mobile | InformationWeek Government

DISA Mobile Decision Sends Potent Signal

Defense Information System Agency’s commitment to off-the-shelf mobile tech is likely to ripple across the government as well as health, financial and other security-sensitive industries.

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Worst IT fail ever? US agency spends millions in useless security

Worst IT fail ever? US agency spends millions in useless security

A branch of the U.S. Commerce Department recently trashed perfectly good computers and wasted millions on a bogus malware infection. How did this happen?

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Pew Report-Government Online–The Internet Gives Citizens New Paths

looked for information about a public policy or issue

From the summary: "As government agencies at all levels bring their services online, Americans are turning in large numbers to government websites to access information and services. Fully 82% of internet users (representing 61% of all American adults) looked for information or completed a transaction on a government website in the twelve months preceding this survey. Some of the specific government website activities in which Americans take part include:

• 48% of internet users have

online with their local, state or federal government

• 46% have looked up what services a government agency provides

• 41% have

downloaded government forms

Throughout this report, we refer to anyone who did one or more of these activities in the preceding twelve months as an online government user, and most of these online government users exhibit a relatively wide range of behaviors: the typical online government user engaged in four of these activities in the last year."

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