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Library Residency for Diversity & Innovation / Preference given to applications received by March 27, 2017


Library Residency for Diversity & Innovation


Early-career librarian for a two-year residency program to begin Summer 2017. The Towson University Library Residency for Diversity and Innovation program is designed to increase opportunities for participation by a broad range of individuals in academic librarianship through a supportive environment for professional exploration, and an opportunity for concentrated experience in an area of specialization.


MLS or equivalent from an ALA-accredited institution, preferably granted between December 2015 and May 2017. Demonstrated interest or experience in diversity and inclusion initiatives. In year one of this two-year residency, the Resident will have significant responsibilities and gain meaningful work experience within three library departments: Research, Reference and Instructional Services; Content Management – Collection Development, Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Serials; Archives, Special and Digital Collections. The Resident will also be involved in library and university committees, develop collegial relationships with faculty outside the library, and participate in professional organizations.

Preference given to applications received by March 27, 2017.

Position Description

Job Announcement/How to Apply

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Diversity Resident Librarian – University of Wisconsin-Madison – Deadline March 31, 2017

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries is now seeking candidates for its Diversity Librarian Residency Program established in 2013. The residency provides an opportunity for entry-level librarians from diverse backgrounds to begin their professional careers and develop skills and experience in academic librarianship. This program is designed to meet both the professional goals and interests of the Resident and the service and operational priorities of the Libraries, and to encourage the involvement of underrepresented populations in academic librarianship.
This is a three-year residency designed to encourage and promote professional growth and development of recent graduates. It provides a broad-based awareness of principles and practices in academic librarianship and an opportunity to develop an area of specialization. The first year will focus on providing a generalist academic librarian foundation with experiences and meetings in a variety of places on campus, with a home base in College Library, the library with primary service to undergraduates. The Resident will develop firm grounding in reference, instruction,and collection development while learning about the UW-Madison campus and its large library system. During the first year, the supervisor will work with the Resident on developing a personal professional development plan in an area of interest, leading toward a placement in a library or department that meets that interest for years two and three. For example, the placement in years two and three could be in a department such as special collections and archives, or a science library, such as Steenbock Library.
The GLS will also support professional development and service activities in the library, on campus, and in the wider academic library community, including conference attendance and opportunities to develop a presentation or publication based on the Resident’s UW-Madison activities and possibilities for
additional training in the areas of management and supervision.The Libraries at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are dedicated to the practices of social justice, diversity, equality, and respect among our staff, students, collections, and services. We strive to overcome historical and divisive biases in our society and embrace diverse points of view as assets to the fabric of our community. All positions will be called on to contribute to building this environment, and we encourage candidates to apply who share these values.
• Master’s degree in library/information science (ALA accredited)
• Strong communication and presentation skills
• Demonstrated interest in academic librarianship
• Ability to work collaboratively and effectively in a team environment
• Willingness to participate in library and university committees
• Knowledge of reference, instruction, and collection development
• Self-starter who is eager to contribute to the profession
Salary: $50,000 with an excellent benefits package
A criminal background check will be conducted prior to hiring.
About UW Madison
UW-Madison Libraries have a proud record of accomplishment and service. The Libraries manage the 11th largest research collection in North America with exceptional access to print and digital materials from our libraries at UW-Madison and around the world. The many libraries on campus have a long-standing commitment to innovation, developing and offering new services needed to support 21st-century teaching, learning and research. New study and learning spaces have been created, and traditional spaces have been modernized. Libraries include collaborative digital media spaces and classrooms, active learning instructional areas, and inviting environments that are conducive to both group work and solitary study and research.
College Library is a heavily used, dynamic environment that supports both the academic and recreational interests of students and includes a café, innovative digital-media and active learning classroom spaces, a large computer lab and 24-hour service five nights a week during regular semester sessions
Application information
Applicant’s cover letter should address what interests them in academic librarianship and how they would take advantage of a three-year residency program. Please indicate the areas of academic librarianship you would like to pursue. Email resume and cover letter to
Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2017.
UW Madison is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

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Resident Librarian – University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT)


The J. Willard Marriott Library is seeking candidates for their Librarian Residency Program. The program is intended to increase faculty diversity at the Marriott Library and to encourage people from traditionally underrepresented or underserved groups to choose the University of Utah as a place to launch their careers in academic librarianship. This two-year residency will be the incumbent’s first professional library position; it will orient the Resident Research Assistant Librarian to academic librarianship through a broad range of activities designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in future library positions and contribute fully to the profession. This program is designed to meet the Resident’s professional goals and interests in conjunction with the library’s priorities.

The Resident will be supervised by the Residency Coordinator, who will provide oversight and consistency throughout the experience. During the first year, the Resident will rotate through the library’s four departments: Research and Learning Services, Special Collections, Information Technology Services, and Scholarly Resources and Collections. The Resident will have meaningful work assignments that contribute to each department’s success. Each rotation will build the Resident’s understanding of the library’s mission, role, and structure; the Resident’s practical skills in meeting stakeholder needs; and the Resident’s ability to adapt to new situations and work with many different groups. At the end of the first year, the Resident will have a solid grounding in the profession and a strong sense of how to integrate into a new organization. The Coordinator will work with the Resident to develop a personalized professional development plan that includes service activities, committee assignments, conference attendance, and training opportunities at the library, campus, regional and national levels. The Resident Librarian will also benefit from mentoring relationships with faculty throughout the library.

The Resident and Coordinator will jointly decide on additional projects for the second year, including placement in a library department that meets the Resident’s interests. The residency will culminate in a capstone project (such as a paper or presentation) designed to showcase the Resident’s competencies in an area of specialization.

The Marriott Library is a member of the ACRL Diversity Alliance, a program uniting academic libraries who share a commitment to increase the hiring pipeline of qualified, talented individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.

The position requires a two year commitment to begin no later than July 2017.

Job Responsibilities include:

  • Use of multiple technologies to advance library goals. Potential activities include the creation and maintenance of online teaching and learning tools, assessment, development and maintenance of print, multimedia and digital library collections, or maintenance and development of the library’s web presence and discovery tools.
  • Participation in the design and delivery of outreach and instruction programs to the university community.
  • Provision of high-quality in-person, phone, and online reference and basic technology support.
  • Participation in and contribution to library and university committees and initiatives and ability to communicate the results effectively to multiple library stakeholders.
  • Participation in multiple professional development activities, including the completion of a comprehensive capstone project, which will be designed based on Resident interests and library needs during the second year of the project.

Compensation: $53,000. The University of Utah offers an excellent benefits package including TIAA-CREF, medical, dental, generous paid sick and vacation accrual. This is a two-year career-line faculty appointment.

Applications received by February 13, 2017 will receive full consideration


Required qualifications include:

  • An MSI, MLIS, or MLS from an ALA-accredited institution by July 1, 2017.
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently when appropriate.
  • Willingness to listen to and incorporate feedback from supervisors and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated interest in and understanding of the mission of academic libraries and a desire to contribute to the profession.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and motivation to take advantage of opportunities across the library and campus community.
  • Knowledge of and interest in emerging trends in academic librarianship and ability to apply this knowledge to improve and advance library services.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and community members from diverse backgrounds.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Reading, writing, or speaking skills in a second language.
  • Demonstrated proficiency and capability with information technology systems in the context of an academic library.

See also full job posting.

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