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OPM’s Return to Paper Security Clearance Processing Roils Contractors, Lawmakers – Oversight –

The Office of Personnel Management has decided to take a step back in an attempt to move forward after hackers breached files containing sensitive data on millions of current and former federal employees, but some stakeholders are not fully on board with the plan.The agency sent an advisory last week to federal offices instructing them to temporarily collect paper copies of employees’ background investigation forms, rather than processing them electronically. OPM reached that decision after it shut down e-QIP, the Web tool that tracks employee background investigations, due to vulnerabilities that led to a breach of the personal information contained on the forms housed in the system.

Source: OPM’s Return to Paper Security Clearance Processing Roils Contractors, Lawmakers – Oversight –

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After Hack, Officials Pull Plug on Pentagon and OPM Background Check Systems // Aliya Sternstein

A Defense Department Web system that tracks employee background investigations will be offline for an unspecified amount of time, while officials fix security holes in a civilian agency database that is connected to the tool, according to department officials.

A vulnerability in an Office of Personnel Management tool that links to the Pentagon’s “Joint Personnel Adjudication System” was discovered during a probe into one of the worst known hacks to hit the U.S. government.

On Monday, officials announced that OPM’s e-QIP system, the online tool used for submitting background check forms, would be taken offline for four to six weeks, during security improvements.

As of 3:30 p.m. the military’s site stated, “Due to current maintenance with e-QIP, the corresponding JPAS interfaces are not currently functioning.  As a result, users will not be able to submit investigations using JPAS.”

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How to Secure WordPress in 10 Steps –

Wordpress_circleThe mitigations needed to secure a WordPress system and fortify it from attacks are many.

Many federal agencies use WordPress. is built on WordPress.  The article linked to below provides a great list of what you need to do to secure your WordPress site.

Full Story: How to Secure WordPress in 10 Steps –

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