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‘The Main Thing is That You’re Always Learning’

Denise Chochrek seems to be constantly in motion, even when she’s not riding her recumbent bicycle to support multiple sclerosis research or tooling around with her husband on his motorcycle.


A full-time information professional (she’s the senior knowledge analyst for PepsiCo), part-time instructor (she teaches business research at the University of North Texas), and tireless volunteer (she’s president of the Information & Research Management Council of the Conference Board and a member of several SLA units), Denise is perpetually in librarian mode. She jokes that she “can’t seem to say no” to requests to serve her profession, but she really sees them as learning opportunities—and learning is something she doesn’t joke about.

“The main thing is that you’re always learning,” she told Information Outlook. “It never stops. Just because you’ve been in a job a long time, if you’re not constantly learning, you’re not staying ahead of the game. You’re going to be left behind, and more than likely you’re going to be one of those people who gets laid off when the economy turns down.”

To read the interview with Denise, click here.

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Board of Directors Approves New Dues Structure for 2016

Board of Directors Approves New Dues Structure for 2016

Earlier this month, the SLA Board of Directors approved a recommendation from the Finance Committee to streamline our dues structure to better reflect the value and benefits of SLA membership while retaining the global presence that helps distinguish SLA from other library associations. The new dues structure, which will take effect 1 January 2016, will standardize dues rates for full members at $200, regardless of salary. Only full members who live outside North America and make less than the equivalent of US$ 18,000 will be exempted from this rate–they will pay $50. The dues restructuring will also affect the following dues categories:

  • Student member dues will rise from $40 to $50;
  • Dues for retired members will increase from $40 to $100 (retirees with 45 years of continuous membership will continue to pay no dues); and
  • A new dues rate of $100 will be available to unemployed members, but it is for one year only.

The dues restructuring is in keeping with other changes being made to position SLA for the future. In July, the board approved a “Road Map” that will serve as a guide to developing new processes, procedures, and benefits that will lead to long-term sustainability for SLA. Also in July, the board agreed to engage the services of an association management company (AMC) to provide the executive leadership and targeted expertise that will be needed to implement the Road Map. As with its decisions about the Road Map and the AMC, the board approved the new dues structure only after lengthy and careful consideration. The most recent changes to the dues structure were made in 2008 and 2010, and some of the assumptions behind those changes–for example, that the global economy would recover soon and unemployed members would quickly find new jobs–have proved incorrect. Meanwhile, costs to provide services have continued to increase, especially costs related to technology. Without a dues adjustment, SLA will not be able to maintain the level or quality of services that members expect and deserve, and we will be unable to position ourselves for the changes we need to make over the next two years. A detailed explanation of the new dues structure is located here. If you have any questions about the dues increase, please feel free to contact me.

Jill Strand 2015

SLA President

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Got Research? Share it at SLA 2016!

The word research conjures up images of scientists in lab coats hunched over microscopes or professors with books piled high on their desks. But savvy librarians and info pros know that research is really just a way to scratch an itch—an itch to learn, to improve, and especially to share.

Conference Presentation

Each year, a dozen or more SLA members conduct in-depth research on topics ranging from embedded librarianship to knowledge management to big data to open access. They then share what they’ve learned by presenting contributed papers at the SLA Annual Conference. The contributed paper sessions are among the most popular events at the conference, and with good reason—they provide substantive knowledge about issues of current interest to librarians and information professionals around the world.

SLA is now accepting proposals for papers to be presented at the 2016 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Philadelphia. Paper topics should be related to library science, information management, or other issues pertaining to client service, technology, or administration in special libraries.

A panel of SLA members will conduct a blind review of the proposals, and the strongest proposals will be selected for development into papers. Proposals will be evaluated on the strength of the ideas, quality of the writing, and potential member interest.

Proposed papers must also meet these requirements:

  • At least one author must be a member of SLA;
  • At least one author must commit to presenting the paper at the 2016 Annual Conference;
  • The proposal must be submitted by the deadline (4 December 2015);
  • The paper must not have been published in, or submitted to, any other publication or conference planning group; and
  • The author (and any co-authors) must sign a publication agreement that permits SLA to use the paper in various formats.

Deadlines are as follows:
4 December 2015: Applicants submit their proposals in abstract form. Abstracts should be single-spaced Word documents (or plain text) between 250 and 300 words in length, or roughly one page in 12-point type. Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to Rachel Bates Wilfahrt at
21 December 2015: Applicants are notified of the review panel’s decisions, and those with the strongest proposals are invited to develop them into full papers.
26 April 2016: Authors submit their paper (see the writing guidelines for instructions on style and formatting) and signed publication agreement.
12-14 June 2016: Authors deliver 15-minute presentations (allowing 5-7 minutes afterward for questions) of their papers during 90-minute sessions.

To learn more, read past contributed papers or contact Jan Chindlund or Rachel Bates Wilfahrt.

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