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Library of Congress Announces Legislative Data Challenge

To help advance the development of international exchange standards for legislative data, the Library of Congress is sponsoring data challenges incorporating the Akoma Ntoso open standard. The first challenge, Markup of US Legislation in Akoma Ntoso, opened today and invites competitors to create representations of four specific US bills using the most recent Akoma Ntoso XML schema.

 Rather than trying to convert existing US bill XML to the proposed Akoma Ntoso standard, this challenge asks competitors to markup the raw text versions of US bills using the structure, elements, and attributes of the Akoma Ntoso schema and produce an entirely new XML version of the bill.

 To learn more about the challenge, please visit, the Law Library of Congress blog, In Custodia Legis, or read the official press release. 



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Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Technologies (online course series)

Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems

 In this 6-course certificate program, you will gain competency as a coder in XML and RDF-based systems that create, transform, manage, and disseminate content and metadata. Typically, these are the structures at the heart of content management systems, repositories, and digital libraries. Topics covered include XML fundamentals, XPath, DTDs and Schemas, standard markup languages, XSLT and Xquery, the semantic web, RDFa and RDFa Lite, RSS, ontologies and linked data, and the SPARQL semantic query language and protocol. We recently interviewed the instructor, Robert Chavez, to provide some further detail about this series of classes:

 Courses in the series:

  • Introduction to XML
  • Transforming and Querying XML: An introduction to the XSLT and Xquery
  • Introduction to the Semantic Web
  • RDFa1.1 (RDFa and RDFa Lite) and RSS
  • Ontologies and Linked Data
  • The SPARQL semantic query language and protocol – the Semantic Web in action

Courses are $175 and run four weeks in length. These courses work best if taken in sequence, as the sequence builds on knowledge gained, but we have no formal prerequisites in place. The first course starts August 5th. There are discounts available if you register for the whole series.

 More information:

Robert Chavez holds a PhD in Classical Studies from Indiana University. From 1994-1999 he worked in the Library Electronic Text Resource Service at Indiana University Bloomington as an electronic text specialist. From 1999-2007 Robert worked at Tufts University at the Perseus Project and the Digital Collections and Archives as a programmer, digital humanist, and institutional repository program manager. He currently works for the New England Journal of Medicine in as Content Applications Architect.

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P.O. Box 188784
Sacramento, CA 95818
Tel. 218-260-6115
Consider donating to our scholarship fund:

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