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Warren Commission Report Available on GPO’s Federal Digital System


As Americans observe the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has made the official, digital version of the Warren Commission Report available on the agency’s Federal Digital System (FDsys). The commission was created by President Lyndon Johnson and chaired by Chief Justice Earl Warren to investigate President Kennedy’s assassination. The 900-page report is available on FDsys, a one-stop site to authentic, published information on the three branches of the Federal Government. The report contains numerous photos, maps and diagrams from the scene in Dallas, TX. Georgetown University’s Lauinger Library, a Federal depository library, provided a copy of the report for digitization.

GPO produced the Warren Commission Report in 1964. The report is backed up by 26 volumes of hearings conducted by the Commission, which GPO also printed. Altogether, GPO’s work for the Commission resulted in nearly 235,000 copies of the report and nearly 5,600 sets of the hearings. All of these materials were made available to the public through distribution to Federal depository libraries nationwide and sales via GPO’s bookstores.

“The publication and dissemination of the Warren Commission Report is an example of how GPO has adapted to technological changes during the last half century,” said Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks. “GPO’s presses first printed the report in 1964. Through partnerships with the Library of Congress and the Lauinger Library, GPO is now able to make the report available digitally on the anniversary of this tragic event.”

The post President Kennedy assassination audio tape recordings of conversations between various individuals in Washington, DC and Air Force One pilots and officials on board during the flight from Dallas to Andrews Air Force Base are also available on FDsys.

Link to Warren Commission Report:

GPO’s Federal Digital System:

Link to post assassination audio tape recordings:

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